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Make My Body Numb

MeMe [16 Jul 2006|03:06pm]
[ mood | bored ]

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I miss somebody right now.  (Brian...I have ot work so I dont get to see him :() × I don't watch much TV these days. I own lots of books.  (Mostly all written by Chuck Palahniuk . I love that mans mind!)
I wear glasses or contact lenses.  (yup yup..purple think framed ones..they r teh sex.) I love to play video games.  (Just beat FFX last night...working on finishing Kingdom Hearts) I've tried marijuana.  (It was fucking disgusting.)
I've watched porn movies.  (They dont do anything for me..just make me laugh...and yes one made me cry once...it was a sad sad hentai!) I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship.  (Prolly still am ^___~) I believe honesty is usually the best policy.  (I hate lieing and I hate liars!)
I curse sometimes.  (sometimes? pfffffffffffffffttt!!! all the time sucka!) I have changed a lot mentally over the last year.  (Alot of shit fucked me up with Kevin..but I finally walked away n Im no longer looking back.) × I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me.
it goes on...Collapse )

Make My Body Numb

Class of '06 [02 Jun 2006|08:26am]
[ mood | awake ]

So yea...I graduated last night. What an irritating and interesting night. Well first of all...No one knew their order nor would attempt to figure it out so that was a big irritating mess. Then While we're outside figureing it out..It starts to rain...and our color of choice for the females to wear you ask? WHITE!!! So yea..needless to say we ran inside and firgured it out form there. We were in the locker room of CCBC for atleast a half hour..it was hot as fuckin shit in there. So after we finally make our entrance n get to sit through all the B S stuff..we finally start hearing the names be called. Well half way through that something only Ive ever heard of happening to the class of 06 happened...we had a power outtage right in the middle of the names. It was pretty sweet...we all were amused and started to chant 06 and stomp our feet and cheer. After that not much else happened. I got my diploma and lost my parents so hung with Sam and Keith until they found me. I was a miserable menstral sweaty bitch last night with good reason...it was a big hot mess in that place. I ended up walking barefoot in the rain to the car and my brother sat in the trunk on the way home. ^___^

So yea I leave bout 5am tomorrow to head down to Senior week..really fucking early...but prolly will beat alot of traffic...I hope...

Make My Body Numb

Graduating [30 May 2006|09:29am]
[ mood | sick ]

So school is finally over FOREVER!! I cant believe it...it hasnt set in quite yet. But I made it!! I graduate on Thursday and this weekend its off to senior week for me!!

Make My Body Numb

Musical Bethy! [14 May 2006|01:34pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

O YEA!!! And I wrote a song on Bass yesterday ^______________^

Make My Body Numb

Senior Prom "06" [14 May 2006|12:41pm]
[ mood | bored ]

So0o0o0o0o0o prom was on Friday. We sat through the long n boring assembly then got out round 1020. I went straight down to get my manicure n pedicure done ^___^ Then me n mommy went to get food and jewlery. After all that running around I came home n took aout and hour nap and then showered n went to get my hair done came home did my make up n got dressed and headed out to Collin's for more pix to be taken.

It was a pretty awesome night. We had a retarded happy asian limo driver but besides him I had a ton of fun there. We spent most our night in line but *shrugs* we still got to hang out with a ton of our friends. Me and Keeeff looked like Bonnie and Clide ^___^ and were frequently called the best looking couple there. :D Ill post pictures when I get around to it. :P But after party pissed me off a bit but nothing major, we left there round like 230am and went back to his house. We stayed up till like 430am and then I got to fall asleep in my baby's arms ^__^ I <3 my Keeeff!

Yesterday I hung out over keeeffs all day n came home round 730. And nothing exciting today so ummmm yea...pix soon to come <3

Make My Body Numb

I <3 My Baybah [07 May 2006|05:37pm]
So last night was Keith's B-Day party...had a few peeps over. Collin, Chad, and both their girlfriends, Rob, Dustin, Meggie-Poo, Fatty (James) and Heather, Jeff and Kimmi, Rachel, Cory, and Danny. Collin and Cory's band played...pretty good stuff. ^___^ I stayed the night as did Collin, Chad, Rob, and Dustin. We watched Advant Children, twas very good. ^___________^ Through out the whole party me and Keith kept disappearing...<.< >.> TeHe. Lets just say a new record as been set this weekend...TeHe. Well....anyways...not much else to say, I was there all day and I just got home, I gotta get a shower and cut Theresa's hair then wait for my baybah to call then fall asleep. Peace Negros!

Make My Body Numb

Bleh [25 Apr 2006|05:00pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Kevin has started to come around, I fought him tooth and nail trying to get him to open up to me and wanna be with me without all this not rushing into it B S. Last night we had a talk about how I dont think I can sit back a tolerate his drug habits. I dont think I should have to put how I think/feel on the back burner and WAIT for when he wants to stop smoking. Hes doing the last bit of his acid on saturday I think...and hopefully its the last time. I really cant handle him doing all that and I dont wanna have to just live with it. I love him and I know hes better than that, he quit for me once he should do it again, if he truly loves me and cares for how I feel. I know I have to consider him too but Im sorry I need to think of myself too cuz Im not getting back into being with him again knowing Im not gonna be happy. Im gonna fix it first n if it cant be fixed Ill move on. But last night after that convo he told me he has been waiting for me to ask him back out, and he didnt care that he doesnt wanna rush into it agian cuz he loves me. I love him too...Im just scared its gonna have a bad result again but Im really gonna work with him and try n resolve our differences and try n be less controlling n more open to what he likes (not drugs).

Im feeling kinda confused again though cuz now im getting what i wanted, kevin back, but then I have horribky strong feelsing for Keith again. Theres so much freakin tension between us its rediculous. We had to FIGHT ourselves to hold back from kissing yesterday. I was flirting with him uncontrollably all day and when I wasnt with him I was in a crabby mood. Iunno...Im so confused...Im told I deserve better than Kevin but that doesnt change MY own opinion of him and the fact i LOVE him very much.

*Le Sigh*

Make My Body Numb

Happy 420 [20 Apr 2006|05:29pm]
[ mood | bored ]

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Make My Body Numb

[17 Apr 2006|10:48am]
[ mood | sore ]

Yesterday was an all around interesting day. ^__^ First thing was round maybe 1-130? somewhere round there I took a walk down to Victory Villa Elem. and met up with Kevin. The first thing he did when he walked up was pull me to him and gave me a HUGE hug ^______^ ::melt:: Then we walked around the back of the school to some steps so we could just sit n chill. We sat and talked about all kinda of random shit and i placed my head on his shoulder and his arm and scratched down his arm and just clinged to him basically. I hesitated at first but i said fuck it cuz what was he gonna do? say no? I doubt it. So at one point he was stretchimng and i leaned over and wrapped my arms around him n i was positioned so he had to do the same and he just goes "you conned ur way into that one didnt you?" TeHe. So one thing led to another and at one point we just started to kiss and it didnt stop for a WHILE...we havnt made out like that in ages...was very nice. ^__^ So yea..we ended up walking to this place back in the woods down the street from the school where Kevin goes to bon fires at with his friends. So yea...we hung out like maybe 2 hours? Then we went our seperate ways. When I got home Keith had already gotten there so we hung out for a bit.

Round 530 Jeri came and picked me up for BAJA! We went n picked up Deegan and his friend and headed down to the city. Once we got there n in and everything we had to wait for Jeri's friend Brooke and Melissa. We waited for over and hour but *shrugs* During the waiting time this promoter kept looking over at me n Jeri and then said "How you ladies doing tonight?, come on over here and talk to us" So we walked over and he was just asking whats up and what school we go to and all that stuff. He was SUPPOSED to meet up with us later n dance with Jeri but that never happened. O well. Later on he came n found us and took a pic with us ^__^ Best be on the frount of Myspace! TeHe. So yea Brooke and Melissa FINALLY get there and we all start to dance. First place we ran to was the all girls stage! Then we left and Jeri had like 2 dudes dance with her over a half hour period of time. I was just kinda danceing with her dancing with them. Then we were walking around later n these 2 dudes pull Jeri inbetween them and dance all up on here then the one guy stops and pulls me in and dances all up on me. His hands all up in my craotch and he was like leaning back grinding on me and pulling his shirt up...it was pretty bad. So luckily we got away from them after a short period of time. So later on we are just dancing, all four of us girls and then all of a sudden i feel a hand on my waist that slides to my stomache and another down my leg so Im like w/e..its someone to dance with. And I turn to Jeri and lip to her "is he cute?" and she does that little kinda thing with her hana. So Yea i end up dancing with this guy almost the rest of the night. Turns out he was the fucking OWNERS SON! How is that for getting in good bitches? We thought the damn promoter was good. His name was Chris and he was a cutie...he looks like hes like 19 but yea...hes 15!!! Wow...just wow. So yea when I was 15 I wasnt going to places like that and dancing like that ^.- Well I did kinda dance like that at 15 at Victory Villa dances...but thats a whole nother chapter. So yea Chris left like that last 15 mins before they closed and I got his # and he got mine so yea. Keith wasnt pleased about that but sorry..im keeping track of this kid...his dad owns the club. Lol. After he left there was like one slow song and I had a fat guy and black guy up on me and luckily Jeri and Melissa helped me escape the fat guy. :P TeHe.

Well yea....I still havnt had a shower...i slept in ym grossness last night so Ima go do that.

Make My Body Numb

YaY! [15 Apr 2006|12:02pm]
[ mood | sore ]

I got my learners this morning...FINALLY!


I so happy!

Went rock climbing with Megan and Will yesterday at Rock State...twas pretty awesome.
Watched Cabin Fever....lame.
Drank and smoked till i went home...sweet!

Make My Body Numb

What If...? [14 Apr 2006|10:42am]
[ mood | happy ]

Well last night...i talked to Kevin. The first 2 times we talked yesterday he was still being defensive and mean so they were pretty shitty. But I called him back round 1 and he said he was just thinking of me and about to call me back cuz everyone at his house was leaveing. So yea...we had some rough parts here and there, he was drinking like the whole time and then smoked blueberry kb before we got off the phone. But we talked of many many things n really havnt gotten along like that in a long time. Something i really missed....kinda renewed us. I really am still in love with him and we talked of us kinda getting together one day n seeing how it goes n what happens. We arnt rushing into anything i mean i dont even have the time to make for seeing him right now. Its just a possibility. *Le Sigh* I feel alot better this morning...though i didnt go to bed until after 5am.

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Been a While [11 Apr 2006|09:56am]
So yea...been a LONG time since I updated. Not too much has been going on. I have my prom dress in my posession and I have everything I need to go with it except jewlery. I have a Tiara and the shoes n all that junk, i need a bad and a necklace and some bracelets that will all match n not burn a hole in my pocket. Im so broke, i spent $600 in 2 weeks. I bought my prom ticket, and Jimmy Bosely's as well...that was an interesting thing I just said. NO Im not going with him I bought his ticket so Christina can go and go with him since he didnt go to his last year. Keith bought Christina's (shes a junior) and I bought Jimmy's.

Tis now Spring Break which OWNS! So far Ive beenw ith Keith everyday. Friday I went over his house *sigh* good times. Saturday I had to work 8-4 and then we went out with Jeri. That was good times, I love catching up with her. We all went ot the mall n looked of ran outfit for Jeri to wear to Baja Sunday. Keith left like an hour after we go there. I ran into Megan M while I was there and to no suprise she was glued to her phone talking to Matt. So when Keith left me and Jeri tried on about 4 shirts each in Forever 21 (yes I know...a shocker huh?) and I ended up really likeing the way this orange and white stripped tank top looked on me so with the little money I had i bought it. Grrr I have no self control. Lol. So yea after we did all that we met up with Matt P and his friend n by this time the mall was closeing so we headed out. I called Ryan Hines...wow been forever since I spoke that name. We didnt really talk though *shrugs* he works at the Tilt. I wanna stop by and get a hung from him one of these days. SO after that me and Jeri went to Chik-Fil-A and hung with Matt and his friend for a little while then went our seperate ways. Me and Jeri decided we were gonna drive around n then ended up visiting her ex bf Rob Murphey. Wow...all kinds of old exs and shit that night. We were gonna go to Samers but we drove by n it looked like nothing was up so we went to Robs and supriseingly he recognized me. So we hung with him in the fire dept. parking lot for a few and then me and Jeri had the brilliant idea to go visit "sexy." That would be Chris Woodard. But sadly we ran out of time...sucked.

Sunday I had to work 12-830 orginally but i ended up covering for someone who called out n stayed till 9 covering electronics. After that I went out with Ben, Crystal, and Keeeff to see Stay Alive. It was a decent movie. Alot better than it leads you to believe commercial wise. And well yesterday I layed in bed for a good amout of hours then got on here for a good amount of hours then Keeeff came over for about 2 hours or so. Ryan called me ^______^ <3  I didnt see that coming but its all good. Well im out, hopefully Im going up keeeffs today!

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And so it has been done... [21 Mar 2006|06:34pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]


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On Going Me [19 Mar 2006|03:14pm]
[ mood | calm ]

So erm yea..Kevin has been calling me here and there for the past like few days. He called me on my way home form school on Thursday and then again later that night when i was getting out of my physical therapy. He called me this morning and pleaded with me and said how much he missed me and blah blah blah. He apprently had a hangover during this as well. Lovely. So it ended up like it always does when we talk, we argue n fight n bicker n just get really stupid. Even when im not with himhes makeing me miserable. Then he started to question my life like who im going to prom with and if me and keith r talking now n all that bullshit. I dont think its business but he claims to be ok with it all so iunno, he lied last time, why not this time too? So yea what a lovely morning. I REAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLYYYY!!!!! miss keith. :( He SAID he was gonna call me this morning n he never did so im sorta pissed. I hate that. But hes a guy n I know he was busy till like 5 today so iunno, ill let it slide today but hes gonna atleast hear that im not pleased.

I went over his house on Friday. Twas good times. We watched Mystery Men and I met his sister n parents. Had a convo with his dad n i got shown around there house, very nice. That boy cant sit through a movie ill tell you that much. Lol. Kevin could barely but keith cant. Lol. So yea after a little while Ben and Jamie came over and we ate crab cakes ^__^ and then went on a drive to white marsh n walked the avenue then drove for like and hour then i went home.

Yesterday I went prom dress shopping, I FINALLY found my dress!! Took me all day but atleast it only took a day. I love it. Its like a topaz color *tanish for those who dont know* Its a corsetted top and its beaded and it goes into a poofy princess style bell bottom with a little beading on the top of that. I feel like a princess!! Its so out of charecter for me to do all this. The color, the style, and the fact im getting a TIARA! Lol. I dont care u only have senior prom once, gotta go all out bitchs! The dress is $280 and i ahve to pay for it all, plus the shoes, tiara, 2 hair appointments, nails, accessories, ticket, and limo. *sigh* no one is helping me either, im buying EVERYTHING for myself. It sucks, i dont know ANYONE else doing that, not fair. :( O well. Im going with keeeff so its all worth it <3

I have pictures of the dress on my phone, but Ill get some with my camera after the revisions *which r free btw!* are completed and Ill post em. Until then if u wanna see come find me n check my phone lol. <3

Make My Body Numb

<3 [12 Mar 2006|05:12pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Im the happiest Ive been in a very long time. I cant believe how much stress has left me now that i ditched mr wrong and got with mr right! I <3 him ever so much.

So Friday I went to a Battle of the Bands at Perry Hall High mainly to see Scottie 2 Hottie's band This Years Fashion!!! They fuckin rock hardcore! Robin is in it too, she plays synth. She looks like Ashley Simpson now with her platinum long hair and bangs lol. Me, Megan, Jenn, Jon, Dan, and Gabe all went to Mc Donalds first and then to the show, we only got lost once in a small way so YAY!!! We all need to hang out again, twas fuckin funny as shit. We were hitting on tons of guys they screaming our heads off. Many laughs and inside jokes. I cant wait to hang with all of them again!!

Last ngiht i was told i should stay in after work cuz of being sick, so mr right came to me instead! ^__________^ We had a good time. Is all Ill say bout that ^.~ TeHe.

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Annie Update! [06 Mar 2006|03:26pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Annie Show Pictures (Cast)<3Collapse )

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MeMe [04 Mar 2006|02:02pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

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Make My Body Numb

[01 Mar 2006|06:27pm]
[ mood | sick ]


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ANNIE!! [01 Mar 2006|05:59pm]
[ mood | sick ]

So I had my first two performances today. I was so excited, still am actually. I wasnt nervous one bit, we did wonderful. I think our best yet! At 830am we did the preview for kenwood and did everything from Annie's escape to NYC then stopped. Then at 10am we did the entire show for 2 or 3 elementary schools that came. ^____^ Its all toooooo much fun. I cant wait to do it for more people I know.

I was actually scared that when I do a walk accross as Connie Boylan, that someone was gonna whistle at me during the preview, well i had every right cuz someone did *blush* lol.

Well I have another performance tomorrow at 10am again for more elementary schools and then friday and saturday at 730 for the public and sunday at 2 for the public. COME SEE ME!!

Make My Body Numb

MeMe [01 Mar 2006|05:59pm]
[ mood | sick ]

You&apos;re Seth Gecko, you bastard.
Fun at the Titty Twister.

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